September in Montessori with Letitia

Over the past month the maternelle orange and bleue have been studying the weather and we have taken the theme to many levels.


We started off the topic by talking about the weather during circle time, and recording it on our weather wheel.

We then introduced some weather nomenclature cards so that children could build vocabulary and learn new concepts.

We then made some really fun weather jars so that children could work from concrete to abstract.  The children started to match the name cards to the correct jar.

They took a real interest in these jars, and they quickly became a daily routine, as we now use them every day during circle time due to popular demand! The children love talking about the weather and telling us what the weather is like.

To continue our weather theme, we took it further and introduced weather themed art. The children used many different materials to create their own masterpieces; we started with cotton, bottle tops and sponges.

We love doing art because it helps children develop their cognitive, social, and motor abilities, whilst also expressing themselves artistically. You may have seen all their fantastic work hanging up in the classroom.

This week we were lucky enough to welcomed the first day of Autumn. We used this to introduce new and exciting materials to our classrooms, whilst also continuing the autumn and weather theme.

The children were very busy discovering all the new activities on offer.

Autumn has only just started so we have so many more fun and exciting activities to help the children continue their learning journey whilst also continuing to learn about our weather and seasons.

Have a great weekend!