Montessori school trip in Gradignan

On Monday 10th October maternelle bleue visited Parc René Caninvenc in Gradignan.

The children were super excited to be going on their first school trip as a class and entirely in English. We have been learning lots of animal related songs since the beginning of the term so it was the perfect excuse to take a visit and see all the animals they have been singing about.

The children have been looking at animal photos to learn vocabulary so that they were prepared to see the different animals on offer.

It was such a joy to hear the children using their new vocabulary to express what they could see.


The children were given a list of potential animals that they could see and were asked to find them. Once the children had found the animals they used their fine motor skills to put stickers next to the animal, this was great to help develop concentration and patience. It was a really fun experience for the teacher, assistant and I’m sure the parents had fun too searching for the animals too.

montessori school trip 7

Once the children had found all the animals, they enjoyed their snack and they sat in a circle just like in the classroom and shared the songs that they had learnt. The children sang ‘Peter Rabbit’, ‘Tiny Turtle’ and ‘Beehive’, which are just a few of the songs that we sing on a daily basis.  The children love singing, and dancing and it’s a great way for them to develop language, new concepts and repetition which is a great key to learning.

montessori school trip 8

The trip was also a great way for the children to see the park in all its autumn colours. We have been doing a lot of autumn themed work in the classroom:  like painting, collage, autumn themed maths and practical life activities.

The trip was great fun and educational. The children had a great time, and hopefully our next trip will be just as successful.

Have a great afternoon