Around the world with Montessori

Maternelle bleue have been getting very busy continuing our ‘around the world’ theme.  We have recently been looking at Aboriginal art, and have explored different ways of painting. Using our boomerang as inspiration the children painted lizards using only dots and different colored paint just like our Boomerang. It took a lot of concentration, and helped the children develop hand and eye co-ordination.

We have also been looking at different flags, from around the world and learning the colors. The children were great at recognizing the French flag!

Some children brought in photos of them from around the world. They enjoyed sharing the photos during mat time and matching them to the nomenclature cards in the classroom.

It’s great to see the children have settled back into the classroom, and have a real passion for learning. Everyday new materials are presented, and the children love to manipulate them. They have a great talent for noticing when a new materiel has been put on the shelf. The moveable alphabet has been coming out a lot and is very popular; the children are enjoying learning the letter sounds in English, and listening to new vocabulary every day.

The children love counting in English, and we practice counting every day. The children really enjoy manipulating our math materials and working with numbers.

The children in maternelle are learning hoz to help each other  and we are learning how to work together and share. This is great for developing social skills, and it is wonderful to see the older children helping the younger children in the class.

December is coming and the children are definitely getting excited about Christmas fast approaching. We have been practicing our Christmas songs ready for our Christmas show. Today during our Wednesday activity morning we started Christmas arts and crafts to get ready for the first of December. The children then went on to make a box to store their secret possessions. Arts and crafts are a great way for children to develop creativity and a way for them to explore different materials.

With December upon us, we can continue the children’s learning journey and start to explore our Christmas themed arts, crafts and other fun and educational activities.